Dan Sawatzky's name has become synonymous with highly-creative, themed 3-D signs and projects. Writer, teacher, and leader, Dan has aquired his knowlege through hands-on experience in the shop and on diverse projects across Canada and the US. In the last few years he has pushed the CNC router to a new level as a tool for signmaking, and shares that knowledge (and a whole lot more!) in his Sign Magic Workshops.

Held in Dan's world famous studio and workshop, and fueled by his fun and energetic approach, the classes deliver a healthy dose of creative techniques, marketing tips and inspiration.

Dan reveals his magic... and makes it achievable!

2011 Sign Magic Workshops

March 4-6, 2011

September 30 - October 2. 2011

Cost $1650.00 per person
(HST included) Discounts available for more than one from a shop.

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Our Sign Magic Workshops provide an effective mix of instruction and hands-on learning.

While we do some classroom time, we spend far more time in the shop.

Learning is best done by doing. We'll show you how seemingly impossible tasks are most ofen a series of simple steps put together.

The end result is MAGIC!

We cover so much more than just CNC routing techniques at our workshops. We'll show you many, many things step by step and then encourage you to try your hand at adding detail, faux finishing, sculpting, and using new materials and a hundred other things.

We talk of inspiration, passion, design, making your work absolute magic, and how all this can transform your sign shop to something previously only imagined.

"It was three days," says Cody Reich of Columbia Signs, Bush Prairie, Washington, "of inspiration, ideas, and magic that have changed the way I see signs. Dan teaches from the heart. As a sign guy and true artist, he explains things so that everyone, beginner or veteran, can understand."

"Those at the workshop formed friendships that seemed to be years in the making."

During the workshop students will sculpt, weld, paint, glaze, draw, design, route and a whole lot more. What has taken Dan and his team more than 40 years to learn, they do their best to squeeze into three long days.

It's high energy event with lots of great food, plenty of laughter and tons of sharing. There is a limit of fourteen students per workshop.

42392 Yarrow Central Road
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada V2R 5E2
604 823 2216