We purchased our CNC router with the specific goal of doing the same type of work we had done previously with plenty of wild and creative textures. At the time there was no one else in the industry doing this type of work with a router.

Needless to say, once we figured things out, we got the instant attention of the sign industry. Folks wanted to know how they could incorporate these same textures into their work.

The answer is a DVD collection of more than a hundred bitmap textures which we have created.

Dan Sawatzky's TEXTURE MAGIC DVD contains 101 bitmap textures. Each has been proven on real projects.

Add dimension and texture to your routed signs using these unique textures with your favorite 3D routing program.

The bitmap files are imported into 3D routing programs. The routing program reads the values of the bitmaps and automatically assigns routing depths to the project based on the bitmap file. Black does nothing, White areas are raised to a numeric amount entered via the keyboard. The various shades of grey are raised according to their value.

The end result are some fabulous woodgrains, bumpy surfaces, weaves or anyting else we can imagine - all done with a few clicks of a mouse.

By using the bitmaps in conjunction with your 3D routing software, knarly driftwood, fine woodgrain, woven strips, checkered squared, and a whole lot more are suddenly possible. Instead of a dusty old sandblaster, it's now possible to generate virtually any texture on a CNC router instead - only now the choices are much broader. The textures can be combined as well for more variety.

With the addition of paints and glazes the textured surfaces instantly come alive! Light and shadows naturally enhance the three dimensional routed surfaces just as they would if you used the real materials you seek to duplicate.

For those who want to learn these routing and painting techniques (and a whole lot more) we offer the Sign Magic Workshops twice each year.

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