Good signs need to be designed with their surroundings and placement in mind from the very start. They need to look as if they belong instead of simply being an afterthought.

The sign for this real estate development included the rock work to which they were mounted. The smaller rocks were brought in to the site and fit into the landscape. The massive entry rock monuments were built onsite, but made to look as if the grounds were developed around them - the rocks already there for an eternity.

Signs don't have to be big or flashy to stand out in a crowd. Often they have to blend in with the landscape and look like they belong.

These two signs were created for home-based businesses. The owners wanted distinctive signs that wouldn't upset the neighbors. A creative and natural design for the posts made the signs appear to have grown in place.

Restrictive codes and bylaws often seek to force us to conform to a computer designed world. We like to go in the opposite direction when we design our client's identity.

MUST a sign have words to be effective? We don't believe so if our client seeks a landmark instead! We define a sign to include anything that promotes our customer's product, service or business.

Our sculptures often fall outside any official jurisdiction and can be any size that fits the need. The end result puts our client on the map and becomes an instant landmark in the process.

Even ordinary letters can become extraordinary when they are executed with skill and style. Combining plenty of imagination, old world methods and modern technology we create wonderful signs in very cool ways.

We use every technique imaginable... layers, texture, shapes, form, patterns, color, special finishes like real 22K gold. silver or copper leaf, faux metalics or aging... the possibilities are truly limitless!

Sedate or outlandishly crazy the signs we make instantly stand out from the crowd. We have a test for each sign we craft . Our goal is to have someone show up while we are still onsite and installing the sign. Someone must bring out a camera and take a picture of the sign. Our staff, owners, their family and friends don't count. Happily it's a test we seldom fail. That says a lot about our signs!

Every sign we design and craft is far from mundane. The shapes of the signs are decorative. Layers, textures, gold leaf, three dimensional sculpted elements, creative paints and finishes, special materials, and most importantly, an extra LARGE dose of creativity are combined to make each and every sign we craft an artistic masterpiece.

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