The variety of projects is always all over the map in our shop. Some are large, others comparitively small. Each is imaginative and dimensional for that is what we do.

One current project underway is for a distributor of CNC robotic machines. These computerized machines are capable of wonderful things if the right information is fed into them. Our commission for this project was to show what they were able to do with them. We were given three rooms in the office.

The entry way features a large 'robotic' desk with the arms acting as lights. A corner table is designed to the same theme. Gears and cogs make up the balance of the room's decor.

The board/training room is like nothing you have seen, inspired by the 50's movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It features heavy 'steel' beams, textured wainscoting and gadgets that defie desscription but serve a very real purpose here. Everything is rusted or carries a weathered patina and plays the part of an ancient submarine. Hidden LED lights add an underwater glow to the entire scene.

Another office in the same project sports a 'Jurassic theme'. The desk is an 8 foot long raptor skeleton with a plate glass top. A matching coffee table will sit in fronot of the coffee table. Both are cut from 1/2" thick steel to demonstrate the capabilities of the CNC plasma cutter they sell.

Eye candy on the wall will continue the fossil theme. In the picture to the right Kirsten is busy painting the triceratops fossilized skull which will hang in the office. Other like pieces are still in progress.

Many other projects are in progress in our shop. Some are still very top secret and can't be shown here. Others are still in the discussion and desgin phase and will move into the build phase in short order.

One thing is for sure, however, and that is that the projects we will get to do will be the most imaginative possible. We'll continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, using both old world skills and modern tools and materials. The end result will be fun for us and the delight of all who see them.

To read a regular report of the projects we have underway just click on the link labeled 'JOURNAL' at the top or bottom of the page. Older archived entries show past projects in the building stages. The journal gives a glimpse into the magic that happens on a daily basis in our shop.

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