We can design and build anything we can possibly imagine... and we have yet to find any limitations in what we can imagine!

The variety of projects which has come from our shop defies description... rocket ships, submarines, aircraft, giant mechanical fish, antique automobiles, steam trains, whole mountains and fantastical landscapes, all manners of buildings, wondrous dragons, fierce dinosaurs, wildlife of all sorts, even things that make you go hmmmm...

The list is endless!

Constructed of a variety of materials including welded steel and hand-sculpted concrete our interactive features are built to survive in an extremely tough environment.

The vibrant features appeal to kids of all ages, and to adults too. We can make cartoon vehicles and structures seem very, very real!

When it was time for a change of scenery to make way for a new sea lion show at West Edmonton Mall we got the call. We sat down with the crew who were writing the show and as ideas were floated out, drew in our sketch book like mad.

Before the meeting ended, the deas for both the exciting new show and the world-class stage were down on paper. Two months later the first show premiered to an excited and enthusiastic audience!

A wonderful aquarium is located in West Edmonton Mall. But unfortunately most visitors literally walked right over it without knowing it was right beneath them. The owners had tried everything they could think of to draw guests down the stairs without much success.

Our solution was this wonderful mechanical fish. And visitors bought it - hook , line and sinker!

Our mandate was to put a whole new face on the world's largest indoor amusement park without closing the popular attractions.

We redesigned & rebuilt each attraction in the park to transform the entire 5 acres into the happy and colorful planet ORB.

The end result was positively OUT OF THIS WORLD!

42392 Yarrow Central Road
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada V2R 5E2
604 823 2216