Signs in today's world are often merely letters stuck on a flat substrate, devoid of much creativity. In this world of computer-generated sameness we take a radically different approach!

Our signs are not instant, last minute afterthoughts pasted onto a building.

Instead we make our signs an important part of the structures and landscapes, injecting a great deal of creativity and imagination into the process.

A regular client who owns a gravel pit and trucking business wanted a new sign. His only comment was... 'make it memorable.'

The 'sign' is made of heavy, welded structural steel and was allowed to aquire a rust patina over the course of time. After we put him in place we had our customer pile massive rocks around the base. We would have happily done it ourselves, but the customer insisted on having some of the fun too!

Properly designed and carefully crafted, signs can do so much more than simply inform. Signs can evoke moods, tell stories and even be wonderful works of art.

Our passion for our art makes us strive to do those very things with every single project we undertake.

To do less with our work would simply make it an ordinary job!

Dimensional signs used to be flat boards that were carved pr sandblasted to dreate some shallow relief. We've redefined the meaning of dimensional signs. Dimension goes in three directions including height, width and thickness. We believe the back of our signs should be as fun as the front side too!

This project was honored with 'Best Sign System of 2008' by the International Sign Contest Officials.

Its the third time in four years our shop has garnered this prestigious international award.

Signs come in many sizes, just like rubber ducks. This client requested a sign design that would attract families with younger children to his waterpark. We were drawn to the design challenge like a duck would be attracted to water.

The waterpark fronts onto a freeway but sits a long way off. They needed a large sign to tell their story in the few seconds it took to pass by at freeway speeds.

The answer was this giant rubber duck perched precariously atop a monumental wave. It's a monstrous 38 feet from the ground to the feather atop his head.

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