Put away all preconcieved ideas about signs and themed environments. Ordinary doesn't count for much here. We simply don't do things like everyone else. Starting with imaginative ideas and designs, common materials (and some not so common) are combined in exceptional ways. State of the art methods and tools are merged with old world skills and imagination to create absolute magic on every project we tackle. The end result is a sign or place that always stands out from the crowd!

Our sign out by the road is the first clue that this is no ordinary place. A whimsical ship scerenely sails though a sliver of a blue moon.

The landscape is rolling, There are no straight lines in sight. The winding driveway becons all who enter to a most magical world of creativity.

Imagination lives here!

Our studio isn't like anything you have ever seen or experienced before. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, it is a creative retreat in every possible way imaginable. The custom crafted structure we fashioned speaks volumes about our design and building philosophy.

Every client who visits goes away secure in the knowlege that their project is indeed in capable hands.

Every square inch of this place oozes creativity. A visit here is like a trip to your favorite theme park... and then some!

Thousands of books, periodicals, pictures and collectables fill every nook and cranny, ready to serve as an inspiration when we are designing the next imaginative project.

Full of old world charm, and at the same instant state of the art modern, it's the creative center for Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation.

The massive steel doors with the whimsically braided steel trim offer but a small hint of the special projects we craft inside. When the giant puzzle lock is twisted and the magical doors swing open wide to reveal our most recent creation the entire neighborhood takes instant notice.

Submarines, planes, spacecraft, ships, castles, and a thousand other things which defy description are normal events in this shop.

The walls of our studio and shop are chock full with colorful samples of our work. These pieces serve a variety of important functions.

We use them to test drive new materials, tools and techniques. They also give our clients a much better idea of just what we are capable of. And of course they look very nice on the walls too!

State of the art knowlege, skills, and computerized tools are combined with old fashioned experience and methods to create our unique projects.

We are not limited to any one method or material... we simply use the very best for each job. The workshop is where the real magic happens. Using a wide variety of materials, plenty of skill, the latest of tools and a TON of imagination, our talented crew of specialized artisans create the outlandish projects we are famous for.

Its not unusual to see a castle, a submarine, a space ship, or anything else you could possibly imagine under construction in our shop.

The grounds of our property are different than most. While everyone else is busy making things flat and level, we are doing quite the opposite.

And winding through the imaginative landscape are the tracks of an electric train. Much larger than most, it's the Persnickety & Doodle Railway.

Whenever we are looking for a truly creative solution, a ride around this pike most likely takes us to our happy place where these ideas are found every single time.

Come inside for an exciting adventure in a very special place - a place where imagination is set free!

42392 Yarrow Central Road
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada V2R 5E2
604 823 2216