When most people look at a sugar cube, they think of a cup of coffee or tea. Some creative folks may even play with a few cubes while they enjoy their break.

For us, even a simple sugar cube sparks our imagination... in a very BIG way! What could we do with a hundred sugar cubes? How about a thousand? And what could we create if we could stack up 64,278 sugar cubes? The answer is this wonderful 14 foot tall Christmas castle which enchanted all who saw the massive sugary delight.

We approach each and every project we design with this very same passion and imaginative thinking.

No matter what the project the most critical phase is always the design. Mild or wild, teeny or humungous, it must fulfill the purpose for which it is destined.

Whether it be a logo, a sign, a parade float or an entire theme park or anything else we can possibly imagine, we have an endless number of ideas to do the job in grand style!

Every project, no matter what the size, starts out out as a series of notes, scribbles and doodles as we gather our thoughts and work out the details of the project. Only after the idea is firmly in hand do we go to the next step of design.

The various drawings are then reworked into concept artwork for presentation to the client. These drawings accurately represent how the final project will appear in its finished form.

We love to take old, old ideas and then transform them into something fresh and brand new.

Backed with careful research, we stylize the theme to be something truly original.

The challenge is to fashion a playful and creative environment that people will enjoy, no matter what the theme may be.

Sometimes we are asked to do a very common theme. Our challenge is to take ordinary ideas and add a fun new twist. During the creative process we often invent something totally new.

No matter how dark and sinister the theme, we have proven to be able to make it lighhearted and fun, suitable for everyone in the family.

Concept drawings are so much more than just a pretty picture. They allow our clients to easily and instantly visualise the wild ideas we would otherwise have a tough time explaining to them.

Once approved our concept drawings also become the blueprint from which we work on a daily basis.

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